9 de setembro de 2008

Mel, essa é pra vc! (ah! se ela soubesse o quanto é importante...)

My Tiger My Heart

The Boy Least Likely To

As sweet as a plum

And lovely as dawn

Rolling its tongue over its gums

My tiger and me

As happy as could be

Sat out on the porch

As the whole of the sky

Clouds quietly over

And it starts to cry

Softly on my shoulder

We don't want to grow up

But we have to grow up

As sad as I am

I do understand

I do understand,

It just makes me sad

My tiger my heart

We're growing apart

We're trying to be friends

But it's hard sometimes

To be friends with something

That eats butterflies

And pencil sharpeners

And i think it would be

Happier being free

My tiger my friend

My little godsend

I know someday we'll be happy again

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Pitango disse...

Ahh, gosto MTO dessa banda! =)